Thanks to Nelson Racing Engines, Bent got the nod to turn this 84 camero from little tire to big tire. Bent had to mini tub the car to fit the massice 345/30/18 rubber to handle the 1500 plus H.P. from Nelson. In doing so we converted the car into a real coil over suspension with true frame rails grafted into the unibody structure and making new sheetmetal rear tubs to acomidate the massive meats needed. Doing that we made sure each tub was semetrical side to side and had to make a custom incloser for the gas filler neck because the stock acsess for the filler is located in the drivers rear wheel well. This has to be one of the hardest jobs in the fabrication buisness converting stock wheel tubs into custom tubs with out having to radicaly alter the look of the interior or the wheel well opening. Stay tooned for a full brake and twin 5/8 fuel systems.