Mark Bohlen teaches The Art of Custom Plumbing
From airbags to twin turbos, here's how it's done...


The 71 Dodge Challenger Convertible on the cover
Check your mailbox... Our build on the cover of California Car Cover Co.


The 68 Chevelle gets the cover and story feature.
Leroy Peterson's 1968 Chevelle built by Mark Bohlen at Bent is iin the October 2009 issue of Super Chevy Magazine.


Featuring the 71 Dodge Challenger Convertible
Owner: Ed Sternfeld


On the cover of June 2009!
The twin-turbo beast on the cover is by Nelson Racing Engines which features custom hard-line plumbing by Bent.


HOW TO: Custom Hard-line Plumbing
Mark Bohlen is featured in Hot Rod Magazine August 2007. Check out the article and see what Mark did for the "F-bomb". Also tips on Bending, flaring, and how to make a hard-line carb inlet.


Tech Review - Customizing Secrets: What’s Old Is New
Mark Bohlen is featured in V-Twin Magazine and Easyriders Magazine for his hard-line plumbing techniques. Read the article and see what stainless steel lines can do for your hot rod or chopper.


Episode 68 - Crop Circler
Jesse James and his team resurrect one of the greatest extraterrestial hoaxes in history by transforming an 1970 tractor into the ultimate crop circle maker. Mark Bohlen was chosen for his welding and fabrication skills.

* Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, Long Beach, Calif.
* Mark Bohlen, welder/fabricator, Chatsworth, Calif.
* Dimitri Timohovich, pyrotechnics expert, Sun Valley, Calif.
* Terry Holm, tractor expert, Oxnard, Calif.
* Brad Sutherland, crop circle believer, Burlington , Wisc.
* Travis Walton, mechanic, Snowflake, Ariz.
* John Lundberg, crop circle maker, London, England


Episode 23 , 24 - 1963 Corvette
Mark Bohlen was chosen to plumb the Nelson Racing Engines motor to give the 63 Corvette a clean engine compartment. Tom Nelson and Mark have done many projects together and this Boyd Coddington build was a great project.


Chevy Tech - Plumbing a 1961 Chevy
Mark was featured for the work he's done on Bill Gannon's 61 Chevy. Complete hard-line plumbing from brake lines, airbag suspension lines, power steering, transmission, coolant & the all important fuel lines. Read the article.